Benefits of term service rendered in Prodigy lending company in Alief, Texas


Through the establishment of a professional lending team all over the United States, Prodigy lending company have been able to provide quality services to their clients. The main aim of the lending company is to provide quality services to their customers by meeting their needs as expected. The professional experts have many years in Mortgage experiences and they can easily identify the customer’s needs such as lowest loan rate and multiple loan program, make a reliable need analysis and provide a quality solution according to the customer’s situation and expectations from their locality.

The professional experts have sufficient knowledge and are able to help their customers to purchase their dream home, first home, refinance an existing loan, and consolidating debt using the right programs at the most suitable lowest rate. The following are the benefits of term service rendered in Prodigy lending company: 

  • Offers suitable Conventional home loans terms – the professional conventional home loan lenders sets a low-down-payment rate of 3%, reduces PMI compares to Alief FHA mortgage loan, allows flexible terms of maybe 30, 20, 15- or 10-year mortgages, sets low-Interest Rates with approved scores and does not charge any lending fees to the ideal borrowers.
  • Best FHA home loans terms – the professional FHA service lenders set a very low-Down Payment of 3.5% and the interest rates which are very attractive. Alief FHA home loans provide the customers with the rehab loans, easy qualification process and higher debt to income which leads to customer’s satisfaction.
  • Suitable VA home loans terms – the Prodigy lending teams provide 100% to their customers, requires no Mortgage insurance and offers lower closing cost. Due to government back-up, the customers enjoy the best loan rates and the loan application process is usually simplified.
  • Advantageous USDA home loan terms – the professional lenders allow their ideal borrowers to get 100% financing, low-interest rates for 100% loans and low Mortgage insurance cost. They cut down the customers expenses by offering a lower rate with down payment and in order for a customer to qualify, qualification for income and the home location is usually required.


 Like any other company, the main aim of the Prodigy lending team is to have a close personal relationship which is long-lasting with the customers in order to ensure satisfaction and efficiency. Unlike most of the mortgage companies in existence, this company which has gained trust over a long period of time will ensure that the customers processed data is kept in private and safe hands. A customer communication system is well set up to ensure proper communication at any given time either through calls or through the internet website. Throughout the 17 years of the company’s quality operation, it has received a top workplaces recognition for the past eight years which means that the customer’s services are usually satisfactory.

The pre-approval process is very simplified and any customer can easily get access to at any time. Current lower rates meant for loan purchasing and refinancing have been set by the company in order to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Since the set market rates do not last for long due to ever-changing market condition, as a customer you are requested to fill a form which is shortened and get a quick, no-obligation quote as early as possible. 

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