Types of loans offered by Prodigy lending company in Galena Park, Texas


About us

Prodigy lending has been in the mortgage industry for over 17 years. We have been providing home loans to clients that remain unmatched during our entire period in the mortgage industry. The customers are assured of a mortgage that meets their needs, whether in purchasing homes, refinancing or putting obligation together. Our presence across all cities in the US ensures that no one is left out in the desire for homeownership. The services are offered by an experienced team of professional mortgage specialists who are ready to help every customer throughout the entire loan process.

Choose from our mortgages below:

VA home loans

Nothing beats VA home loans that are meant for veterans in the US. With no down payment, the borrower is sure to get 100% financing with no closing cost. The mortgage insurance is not required, and the borrower enjoys the best rates ever. The government insures the loans, and therefore, we give those who qualify the loan without any worry. We overlook the size of income and credit score to ensure your dream of owning a home come to pass.

USDA home loans

Those who are living in rural and suburban places are not left out in homeownership. We understand that some people are comfortable living there and therefore they get 100% financing without the need for a down payment. The mortgage insurance cost is significantly reduced, and the home buyer gets attractive interest rates. The borrowers need to have income levels that do not qualify one for conventional loans.

FHA home loans

Those with poor credit ratings need not worry. With FHA home loans in Galena Park, these people can own homes with only 3.5% down payment. The borrowers need to get private mortgage insurance to stand in for the loan because of our compromised credit score requirements. The rehab loans are available so that our customers can make their purchased home more comfortable. The mortgage cost is low because of the attractive interest rates on FHA home loans in Galena Park. These loans make many to qualify, including first time home buyers because of its flexible requirements.

Conventional home loans

Those who may feel FHA home loan in Galena Park are unfair because of standard rates for all borrowers can opt for conventional mortgages. The home buyers with approved credit ratings get to enjoy exceptional interest rates with only 3% down payment. There is no lender fee with reduced PMI required. The loan terms are also flexible with borrower given an option of 10-30 years. 

Establishing solid relationships with our clients through the provision of unmatched services remains our driving force as Prodigy lending. Our customer satisfaction remains at the top, and we achieve this by making sure the staffs are motivated to work. The job environment is excellent, and this leaves the professional mortgage officers concerned about our customers. We have been the top workplace in the US for the last eight years. Maintaining such recognition is our pride. 

Start your pre-approval with us and get the quotes at no fee. Your information remains confidential, and this has earned us trust across the lending community. For those interested in FHA home loans in Galena Park and other programs, they can get in touch with us either through our contacts or website. The Prodigy online site is user-friendly, and our professional mortgage specialists are the ones who answer customers’queries.


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