Types of loans offered by Prodigy lending company in Houston, Texas


Professional Mortgage lenders from the Prodigy lending company are established all over the United States in order to ensure customer’s consistent lending services. The company has the ambition to ensure that every customer gets the right mortgage in need. The service lenders within the company have many years of field experience and they are able to provide quality and favorable services to the customers and cater for their expectations based on the lowest rate and multiple loan program available. Many customers are advised to apply for a mortgage FHA loan in Houston because it is offered at a lower interest rate and the application process is easy.

If you want to purchase a dream home, first home, refinance an existing loan, or consolidate debt, Prodigy company have qualified loan officers who can guide you through the right loan program which has the lowest rate in the market. The following are the right types of loans offered by Prodigy lending company which a customer can easily choose from:

  • Conventional home loans – these are the home loans which requires a customer to have a low-down-payment of at least 3%. Compared to Fha home loans in Houston, these loans have a reduced PMI. Conventional home loans have flexible terms which can be 30, 20, 15- or 10-year mortgages, low-interest rates with approved scores and requires no lenders fees.
  • FHA home loans – these are the loans in which a customer enjoys easy qualifications and favorable interest rates. Fha home loans in Houston also provides rehab loans, low down payment of atlesat3.5%. Houston FHA loans have a higher debt to income in order to allow customer’s qualification.
  • VA home loans – these are the loans which provide the customers with 100% financing. These loans require no mortgage insurance and lower closing cost. VA home loans are easy to qualify for and offers the best rates due to government backup.
  • USDA home loan – this is a loan type which fully finances the customers at a low rate with no down payment. This home loan offers low-interest-rate, low mortgage insurance cost and requires a must qualification for income and home location. 

The main goal of the Prodigy lending team is to establish a long-lasting relationship [p with their ideal customers while continuing to offer quality services to their customers. Compared to other large nationwide mortgage companies, the customer’s information will be stored safely and privately.

Prodigy lending company is well protected throughout the lending community. Customers can easily access the lending services at any time of their choice, either through calls or the company’s site. The company have been highly rated for the past 17 years because of quality services provision and allows pre-approval services to the customers. The company is highly committed to providing quality services and is proud of having achieved top workplaces recognition for the past eight years. It is known as the best private company and has the most competitive purchase and refinancing current rates to suit the customer’s needs. The customers are therefore advised to fill out a short form and get a quick no-obligation quote before the current rates changes due to uncontrollable market conditions.

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