Reasons why you should get a home loan from Prodigy lending company in League City, Texas


Who we are

Prodigy Lending company is one of the top private mortgage lenders in the United States. It has a presence across all the cities, and our mortgage professionals are available to assist each customer. We have various loans programs with competitive rates which customers can choose. Our client’s needs are met by giving them tailor-made mortgages with assistance from professional home loans specialists. Purchase of homes, refinancing or consolidating debts are some of the solutions offered to you by our experienced team of home loan staff. Be sure to check all our products before making such an important decision.


FHA home loans

The down payment of FHA loans in League City is just 3.5%. The home buyer is just required to get PMI, and it will become easy for them to get loan approvals. This is because we allow the borrowers to qualify even with low credit scores and high debt-to-income ratios. The FHA loans in League City carry competitive rates, and homebuyers can even apply for rehab mortgages.

Standard home loans

The borrower is required to make 3% down payment, which is low compared to those of FHA loans in League City. The PMI is also reduced, and one gets attractive rates. The home buyer is not needed to pay the lenders fee, and the mortgage come with flexible terms. The home buyer can choose 10, 15, 20 or 30-year loan term depending on their preference and monthly commitments. 

USDA home loans

No down payment is required from those who qualify for USDA home loans. This is done provided that one is willing to purchase a home in a rural location and meet the income requirements. One gets 100% financing, which comes with competitive rates. The mortgage insurance needed is low cost, which makes USDA home loans quite attractive. 

VA home loans

The home buyer gets 100% financing on VA home loans. This means you get full financing without having to make any down payment. We do not require mortgage insurance from our clients, and they will only make low down payment. It as also quite easy to qualify for VA mortgages with the best interest rates ever as a government-approved the loan. 

We have been giving out award-winning services to our customers for 17 years and counting. During the last eight years, the prodigy was awarded as the top workplaces in the US. This is due to our excellence in the workplace as we keep our staff motivated and focused on customers need. Many of our customers trust us because of the confidentiality that we uphold in our client’s information. 

Creating a lasting relationship with individual customers is our goal as Prodigy lending. This objective keeps us on toes in ensuring customers are satisfied fully on our services. The lending community has trusted us for who we are, and this is proof that you will never go wrong with our services. 

We welcome our customers to contact us at any time. You are sure to get the attention of our mortgage specialist who will advise you on FHA loans in League City and other mortgages across the US. Use our online interactive tools to also get in touch with us. The rates are based on market conditions, and we encourage our customers to get a free quotation by filling in a short form available on our website. 


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