Requirements of Prodigy lending company in North Houston, Texas


The Prodigy Lending company is located in the United State and has loan professional experts who operate all over the country. In order to remain competitive in the market, the Prodigy lending company has set an achievable goal of providing quality services to their ideal Mortgage borrowers. The company has professional lenders with the high level of field experience who are meant to guide the customers through the loan programs which are offered in a different manner and the loan terms which provides low interest such as North Houston FHA loans from the set geographical area in order to satisfy the customer’s desires by fulfilling their needs. The Prodigy loan officers help the customers to identify the loan with the lowest rates and get quality services such as purchasing a desired home, a home for the first time, existing loan refinancing, as well as debt consolidation. The following are the Mortgage requirements of Prodigy lending based on the customers’ specific needs: 

  • Conventional home loans requirements – the service lenders offer a low-down payment of 3%, reduced the PMI in comparison to FHA North Houston loan, provides a wide variety of terms to choose from such as 30, 20, 15- or 10-year mortgages as well as low-interest rate with approved scores. The company also cuts the customers’ expenses by eliminating the lender’s fees.
  • FHA home loans requirements – Professional North Houston FHA loan lenders from Prodigy lending company allows the payment of a low-down-payment of 3.5%, sets easy qualifications, has desirable interest rates and enables the availability of rehab loans. in order for a customer to qualify for a loan, FHA lenders allow higher debt to income ratio hence satisfaction.
  • VA home loans Requirements – the VA home loan lenders provides full loan financing, requires zero Mortgage insurance, offers lower closing cost and allows the customers to get their loans at a lower rate due to government involvement. The VA loan lenders also set easy loan qualifications for their customers. 
  • USDA home loan requirements – Prodigy professional lenders provide full financing to their ideal customers, eliminates down payment hence low loan rate, offers low interest for a full loan issued and requires low mortgage insurance cost. As a customer in need of a VA home loan, you must qualify for income and home location. 

 In order to retain the best position in the market for a long duration, Prodigy lending company has a goal of maintaining a good customer relationship by providing quality services to them. The company service lenders have the ability to keep the customer’s information very secure and private. Through quality service provision, the company has gained trust in the lending community. As a customer in need of getting a mortgage from the Prodigy lending company, you can initiate communication at any time of your choice through calling to the company’s line or in the internet site.

The prodigy lending team has been able to stand out in the market for more than 17 years due to quality service provision and any customer in need of pre-approval services can easily visit the company physically or theory the internet platform.

For the past eight years, the Prodigy Lending Home Loans has proudly been recognized as the Top Work Places and the company is committed to excellence.

In order to be more competitive, the Prodigy company has a low-cost current mortgage loan for purchase and refinancing. It is top-rated and has a variety of mortgage option for the customers to choose from. Due to frequent changes in the market loan rates, as a customer, you should fill a short form and get a quick loan as soon as possible with no obligation quote.

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